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Where did summer go?

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I can hardly believe the summer is winding to a close. I have professional development this week, and then its only a week before I go back. Then there are those of you who have already had to cast your flip flops aside and leave the beach behind! Every year it seems to go faster and faster, and this year was no exception.

#1 Blogger Buddy Surprises:
It has been busy, busy around here. (Hence why my Five for Friday is hitting on Sunday...oops). This week I got the sweetest package from my blogger buddy, Rachel from A Tall Drink of Water. The funny part is it was on my doorstep when I got back from mailing HER package full of goodies! I spent the week busily creating some super cute stuff to match her classroom decor for the year...which just happens to also be almost identical to mine. I don't want to give away too many secrets, but I will have a few cute things to show for Made It Monday!

#2 Starbucks Iced Coffee: 
I am pretty sure I just spent the rough equivalent of my last paycheck on caffeinated beverages this week, and all of it went to Starbucks. Nothing wakes me up quite like a venti iced coffee with cinnamon dolce syrup...(random funny, my autocorrect would like cinnamon dolce to be cinnamon douche. Nope, autocorrect, I am not drinking any cinnamon douche coffee. Thanks for checking.)

#3 My Year-at-a-Glance:
So my district publishes these lovely at-a-glance calendars, but the curriculum department are all divided by subject. We never get a solid document that contains the at-a-glance for all the subjects put together. Seems easy enough...right? My guess is they don't think about it, and it is easy enough for us teachers to do it ourselves so no one ever mentions it. In fact, maybe I will send an email tomorrow about this. Anyways, I finished compiling my document and did a little rearranging to better fit the schedule of the year.

#4 iFLY:
I finally did a good job birthday planning for my husband this year and managed to surprise him with a trip to iFLY. For those of you who don't know what this is, think of it as skydiving for chickens like myself. Back when we were dating, my husband said he wanted to go skydiving. I, of course, nixed that idea about as quickly as the words came out of this mouth. The last thing I want to do is jump out of a perfectly good plane with another grown adult strapped to my back. For those of you who this is your thing, AWESOME! I, however, don't even like driving down big hills in the car. Long story short, they recently built an iFLY near our house, and I figured this would be a great way to get brownie points for remembering the long forgotten dream of my husbands without having to worry that I would wet my pants and/or die. I still got nervous despite being a total of maybe 5 feet off the ground most of the time...sometimes 6 inches, but it was super fun.

#5 Writing in Science:
Anyone use this resource? My husband and I went to a PD on it this week. It seems like an awesome way to help expand the expository writing your students do. My district is transitioning toward a Problem Based Learning focus this year, and I think I will be able to merge the two quite nicely. They sell the book on Amazon so I am hoping to get one last book read before the school year gets into swing.

Have a fabulous week!

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