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Keeping organized with a few FREEBIES!!

Sorry I haven't posted preview photos yet. It has been a crazy week of prepping for back to school. I thought a few freebies might make things a little better, but first let me explain what prompted me to create these.

Teaching has so much STUFF! It can literally end up everywhere. I try really hard to get myself organized and keep things at least somewhat in order in my classroom. However, it can really be time consuming. One way I help myself stay organized is by having a teaching binder. I know what your are thinking..doesn't everyone have one of those these days? Probably, but I like mine because I have made the forms I put inside all fillable PDF forms. Therefore, I can quickly type and save information and reuse it the whole year. I just print a new copy when I fill up a grade record or a checklist. It saves me a ton of time because I am not rewriting names 500 times. It takes all of 2 seconds to reprint!

I decided (since I promised freebies last week and didn't quite get there) to share my checklist and assignment tracker with you for free.

You can get them here.

School starts tomorrow and I am in the process of working on an introductory science foldable set. Hopefully both go well! For those of you who are also about to make the plunge back to school, I wish you a happy and wonderful year. 

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