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More problem solving, please...

I am not sure about everyone else, but problem solving is the bane of my existence. As the problems have gotten more complex (seriously, I think third graders today are doing the work of sixth graders when I was a kid), students continue to follow the same predictable pattern...two big numbers and they add, two little numbers and they multiply, a big and a little number divide or subtract, and of course the ever popular three numbers ADD, ADD, ADD! Sometimes they don't even bother to read the problem before they answer.
Needless to say, even my smart cookies fall for this predictable pattern. That is why I try to do practice in fun ways. This weekend, I have been working to ramp up the level of the story problems I provide by making a new set of story problem task cards. Compared to my last set, these cards all require students to do multiple steps and read carefully. There is a big push for preparing students to be successful in algebra by exposing them to input-output tables (without calling them that) and number rules. Therefore, I included both of those two.
By the time I had finished, I had a set of 28 multi-step story problems to use.

Have the same issues I do? You can get this set by itself or in a combo pack from my TpT store by clicking the links below.
Combo Pack
Problem Solving (Story Problem) Task Cards: Set 2
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