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Super Bowl Sunday is Coming!

Being a Wisconsin girl, I grew up rooting for the Packers. Many Sundays were spent rooting for Brett Favre and the Pack while enjoying some delicious cheese curds (Yep, we fit the stereotype at my house!). While the Pack didn't make the Super Bowl this year and I no longer live in Wisconsin, I still look forward to some yummy snacks (cheese curds, anyone?)and watching all those great commercials that punctuate the big game...Seriously, that might be the only reason I really watch. For fun, I have created a football related freebie. This activity can be used for literacy centers (word work, perhaps?) or as a fun game for a Friday afternoon. It can work like the traditional match game, with a twist. Each compound word the student creates is worth points (corresponding with the points that can be earned in a football game). As students make matches, they score points. At the end they can total their points to see who won the big game. There are 24 total compound words (48 game cards), and of course, I also included a response sheet for added accountability and/or assessment purposes.
Get it free on Teachers Pay Teachers here or on Teacher's Notebook here.
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