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Makeover Time!

So it has been a couple years since I have redone the blog. Since I am back in action and spending more time blogging and working on my TpT store, I have decided it was time to give the ol' blog a new look. As I work to freshen up the place, what would you like to see over the next few months? I feel like there are so many teaching topics that arise in spring, but your thoughts and needs are really important. My goal is to get 3-4 freebie items per month but I want to be sure I am connecting with the items you are really looking for! So leave a comment and let me know. In other news, I am so excited to report that after only a little over 2 months on TpT, My New Year's Unit has been featured in the newsletter. Check it out here! In honor of that milestone, I will be throwing a 48 hour sale at my TpT store. Starting today through the rest of the weekend, I will be marking everything in the store down 20%! I've got a great MLK unit and I worked really hard to provide you differentiated options on my Groundhog Day check them out!
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