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Groundhog Day Craftivity

Spring is in the air...or maybe it is just my wishful thinking. Regardless, soon it will be Groundhog Day again, and with it comes February. When I taught on in New York, this meant a week off of school for mid-winter break. However, there is no mid-winter break here in Texas. It is just as well since Summer starts before the end of May. Last year, my students LOVED Groundhog Day. They were so interested in the history of it, and they were surprised to discover that a groundhog is really the same thing as a woodchuck. Hence, the tongue twister about the hypothetical wood chucking woodchuck suddenly makes sense in their 8 year old minds. This year, I decided to make a set of activities for Groundhog Day. It really started off being something for a literacy center...and turned into a 39-page unit by mistake. (Get it here!) It all focuses on skills my students need to practice anyways, but the groundhog theme ought to make it a lot more fun and engaging. Before I finished the unit, however, it realized something was missing. I wanted my students to have a fun way to learn about the history of the holiday. My husband's fabulous solution was to find a book. Instead, I wrote a mini non-fiction fill-in-the-blank book to give students something more interactive. The end result was fun, but it wasn't as cute as I wanted...and I needed something that I could hang around the room for conferences a month later. In the end it turned into the cute little craftivity below.
Pardon the not so awesome photography, but it shows the basics of the book and craft. If you want this project, it is on my TpT page here. Oh, and one more for fun- this time of the cutest baby in the world.
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