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Working smarter not harder

I think it is so important that teachers work smarter rather than harder. I mean really, how much harder can we really work? As a result, I have been transitioning many of my lessons to cover cross-curricular topics. Science and social studies blend so well into reading and math.

My most recent (and final holiday related) unit combines poetry with winter holidays. Since my grade level covers human diversity using traditions (like holidays), I like to include a great deal on this. The students love to share what holidays their family celebrates and how those celebrations look. I have had the question about whether I teach in a private school, but I don't. My students are just a very diverse group and that lends itself really well to learning from one another. I have a number of families who come in and are guest speakers about their family's traditions.

Just for you, my readers, I have included a mini-version of my unit that covers Lunar New Year. You can get this freebie by clicking below.

Holiday Poetry Preview

Want the whole unit? Get it on TpT by clicking here.

For those of you in the US, have a fabulous Thanksgiving week. Watch for my Black Friday TpT sale and freebie!

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